Monday, January 26, 2015

Crazy Juno Weather

Everyone here is going crazy about this winter storm Juno coming our way, it is supposed to hit tonight and go all day until Wednesday morning. They say we might get around 2 feet of snow and it is supposed to be blizzard conditions. So we already know we definitely wont be out and about tomorrow working, it will probably just be a lot of scripture reading and shoveling for a while. We will be fine though so no worries. We have lots of water and Gatorade stored away, and plenty of cereal too so we should be good :) We gotta run to Wal-Mart in a few minutes to load up on some other stuff before it comes, but it should be a pretty wild here for the next few days.

We started teaching a new lady this week, her name is Cindy. Cindy lives in the same apartment complex that a few of our members live in. Cindy grew up in this area but has had a pretty rough life. She was homeless with her toddler son for a few years, and just had a few really tough things happen. She has an eye disease that is slowly taking away her vision, and right now she is pretty much blind but has these huge glasses that she can kinda see through. Anyways, she has gone through a lot of pain and suffering in life. The member of our ward has gotten pretty close to her and Cindy asked why she is so happy, why she loves life so much and the member, Gemma, said that it was the church that made her so happy! So she invited Cindy to learn more about the church and she said yes. We went over on Wednesday and taught her the Restoration, and we are going again tonight to teach the Plan of Salvation. Cindy just really wants to find peace and happiness in life, and we promised her the Gospel can provide that.

Other than Cindy, this week was kinda rough. One of our investigators with baptismal dates is moving to Rhode Island. Another one has not been in contact with us for a week and wont return our calls, and didn't show up to church. Another seems to be doing great but then didn't show up to church. All of that was a little discouraging....but that is life! We aren't too worried though, we always have ups and downs in the work. Some weeks are just super good, other weeks everything seems to go wrong. We just gotta keep working and praying like crazy! Hopefully the snow doesn't slow us down too much. And the Super Bowl as well. People are a little too passionate about their Patriots around here. Sunday might be a little difficult to get appointments, but we will make it work. Gotta go get ready for Juno to come :) Love ya!

Playing pool with Brother Paolini after our lesson.  He is the funniest guy ever, we go there every Thursday for a lesson and a round of pool.  Bro Paolini hasn't been active for quite some time but he has been coming strong this entire year, it has been great to have him back.
Had to show ya my new haircut haha! Just got it this morning!  When Elder Calvert was serving here in Lynnfield he found this nice barbershop pretty close to our apartment.  There is a guy that works there named Raul, he hooks us up with some NICE haircuts.  He is pretty big time haha.  He used to cut a lot of the Celtics players hair, like Al Jefferson and Kendrick Perkins and Deonte West.  I think he would charge them a lot more than he charges us though!

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