Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Great Week In Lynnfield!

Man we had a great week, meeting and teaching lots of new people. We had a lot of things go our way this week and things just seem to be clicking. Right now we have 4 investigators with baptismal dates, which is really exciting to see in the Lynnfield ward. The ward is pumped up and and is helping us out so much with the people that we are teaching. We are also seeing a ton of LA's come back to church. We had 4 at church this past Sunday, it is great to see them making progress back into activity. All 4 of them are working towards getting back to the temple and experiencing the blessings that come from attending it. The temple is the best goal to be working towards, we should all have our sights set on the temple!

Like I said we have 4 baptismal dates right now, 2 of them we picked up this week. One is with a young girl named Lilly! She has been attending church with an active family for the past few years, and is already a part of the ward. None of her family are members of the church, but she just loves coming every Sunday. A little girl in her Primary class is getting baptized on Valentines day, and Lilly expressed a desire to get baptized with her friend! So her family gave permission for her to do it and now we are teaching Lilly the lessons before Valentines day comes. At our lesson this Sunday I asked Lilly why she wants to get baptized and she said, "Because Jesus was baptized and I want to follow Jesus. God wants me to be baptized." Ah man that was awesome to hear! So she will be getting baptized on Valentines day with her friend Tessa.

 We have been working with a less active member of the ward named Linda for the past few weeks, and she finally came back to church last Sunday. As we have been working with Linda, we met her 23 year old daughter named Tiffany, who isn't a member of the church. Linda expressed a desire to get her daughter interested in the Gospel, because she knew how much it would help her at this point in life. So as we were done visiting Linda one night I pulled out a pass along card and wrote a little note on the back to Tiffany and told her to text us because we would love to come over and visit with her sometime. Sure enough the next day Tiffany text us, and we set up a time to go have a discussion. So we met with Tiffany twice this week and it was incredible. As we were teaching the Restoration Tiffany mentioned how she wants a fresh start, a new beginning in life. We promised her the Gospel of Jesus Christ is where she could find that! Sooo many people in life are searching for a purpose in life and have tons of questions and just have no idea where to go. We are so blessed to have the Gospel in our lives. It is awesome how much people embrace the Gospel as they are first learning about it, and Tiffany has done just that. She is reading the Book of Mormon, praying nightly, coming to church and doing all of the right things, and it is just making this huge difference in her life. She is already starting to find that new life that she wanted. Right now Tiffany is working towards the goal of being baptized on February 22, we have lots to do before then but that is Elder Bradley's last Sunday in the mission field so we are hoping and praying it works out!

Patrick is progressing really well, we had an amazing dinner/lesson with him this week. He shared with us his conversion story thus far, and it was incredible. To think that all of this started with a business trip to SLC is mind blowing. As Patrick told his story it was evident to us that God has been working with Patrick in very specific ways to prepare him to find the Gospel. There were so many little things that happened in Patrick's life and in his trip to SLC that it all seems too good be true, but it isn't! Heavenly Father needs Patrick on His team for something down the road.

I told ya about that old guy named Al last week? Yeah we went and did some service for him this week, we worked in his yard for like 2 hours raking up all this dead stuff. Pine needles, leaves, branches, etc. He really appreciated our help. We went inside afterwards and were gonna try and have a lesson with him but it just didn't work out. It seemed like he just couldn't quite grasp the concept that we wanted to teach him about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. There were some moments of major confusion. He is 89 years old, so that explains a lot. But he is a super nice guy and lives alone so we will go back and help him again soon. Hopefully we will be able to get a lesson in there. He did tour us around his basement apartment, just in case we wanted to rent it haha.

The work is great in Lynnfield and in the MBM. Great things are happening, it is fun to be a part of it all. I hope you all have a great week, Love ya! Byeeeee!
Just enjoying the game from our luxury suite.  JK the game didn't start until six, and pday was over by then haha.  But it was nice day dreaming for a minute.
 Touring the TD Garden!
 Retro Boston sports gear!
 Eldah Towah was my companion for a few hours Sunday.  He is quite the guy.
 New Englanders are crazy about their Patriots.  An investigator asked us to pray over his Patriots coat for good luck before they played their game on Sunday.  We told him that probably wouldn't be a good thing to do, so then he resorted to us holding it and hoping our good luck would rub off haha.
 My man Zdeno Charra.
 Once again, the one and only Zdeno Charra.  My favorite Bruins player haha.  If you don't know who he is, you should look him up!  He is a giant.  He is pretty good at hockey too I guess.

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