Monday, February 23, 2015

A Good Week of Service, Interviews and A Mini Missionary!

We had a great week, and we only had about an inch or two or snow this week so it was nice to have a little break from all that! It has been pretty chilly outside but we have been surviving. There has still been tons of service to do, everyone has been shoveling off their roofs lately. Since we had so much snow fall there has been tons of roofs collapsing and leaking and stuff like that. We aren't allowed to get up on the roofs but there are these roof rake things that we have had to use to help a few people out. We went with one of our members and raked off the snow of a woman who uses the Family History Library here, and it was crazy how much snow was on her roof. We had like 3 of her neighbors come up to us and ask if they could hire us to come and do their roof too! Anyways, the work is definitely moving forward here!

Monday night we had a Family Home Evening at the Hahn's house and they invited us and Joe and Frank over to join them. It was awesome, they are one of the coolest families I have ever met. They definitely set an amazing example to all of us on how to put family first. We had a nice dinner together, then a little talent show where the kids played their instruments and stuff like that. They made me play the one and only hymn I know on the piano, it was a little rough haha. Then Joe who is pretty much amazing on the piano played for us all. And then we shared a nice spiritual message on the Atonement of Jesus Christ and how through it we can become anything the Lord needs us to. It was a solid night!

Tuesday we went to a "Fat Tuesday" celebration at the Episcopalian church that Joe has been going to the past few years. They had a pancake dinner to kick off the season of Lent. Everyone was super nice to us and was happy to have us there. The pastors came up and welcomed us and everything, it was a pretty sweet night! I learned a lot about Lent and the traditions that come with it.

We had interviews with President Packard this week and they were awesome! Sister Packard came for a little while and brought some flowers for decoration and Panera Bread for us to eat. She thought we needed a little feminine touch to our zone full of Elders and no sisters. While President was interviewing each missionary in our zone Elder Bradley and I had to train the rest of the missionaries, and that went pretty good! We talked a lot about how to get investigators to share the gospel themselves and finding opportunities for our investigators to serve in the church. Those are two things investigators can do to really help them feel integrated and a part of the ward family, we treat them like they are already a member! Interviews were a little different this time. Usually President just sits down with us individually and just talks to us and lets us ask him anything we want. This time he interviewed us as companionship's and talked with us about our finding pools and just gave us tons of advice on how we can more effectively find new investigators. It was really helpful, there were some awesome ideas that I took away from it.

This weekend we had a mini missionary come and join us! His name was Nathan and he was from Nashua New Hampshire. He came Friday night and then left Sunday afternoon. He was an awesome kid and he will make a great missionary in a few years! On Saturday we went and had a lesson with Danielle and her friend Gina. We talked with them about The Gospel of Jesus Christ and really stressed the importance of baptism. Then we had planned for Nathan to invite them to be baptized, and he did an awesome job! He wasn't scared at all so it was pretty cool. He invited Danielle and she said yes for sure. She is gonna be baptized on March 22. Her mom Candida who has been away from the church for a long time is super excited Danielle is being baptized, it is pretty cool to see. Gina is the friend that comes to all of our lessons and comes to church with Danielle each week, and she said she would be baptized too but we need her to talk to her parents first before we set anything up. They both came to church again this week and the Young Women welcomed them right in and did an awesome job at making them feel a part of the ward already. The youth are just the best missionaries ever.

Then Saturday night we went down to Foxboro Mass and Elder Bradley baptized a guy named Ernie that he taught a few months ago. So that was a pretty cool way for Elder Bradley to end his mission. Unfortunately he heads home this week! Friday he flies home, so on Wednesday I will be getting a new companion. His name is Elder Hyer! And our zone had a lot of transfers in it as well, we had quite a few Elders get moved. And our BroZone is no longer a bro zone haha. We had sister missionaries transferred into our zone. It was a good run while it lasted, but we are happy to have sisters back. Love ya all, have a good week!

Our mini missionary Nathan.

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