Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Buried in Boston!

Wow.....the snow just keeps coming here! Everyone back home is saying it has been like 60 degrees, and it has been the complete opposite out here. We had another huge blizzard Saturday night into Sunday afternoon. It has been sooo crazy, but we just have to deal with it and keep working hard when we can!

Tuesday a missionary in our zone had to go into the hospital and get an emergency surgery to remove his appendix. We went down there to see him and show him a little love! Joe gave us a ride down there, he is a life saver. Elder Anderson is recovering great and should be able to go back out and work this week hopefully!

We spent a ton of time this week going around to each area in our zone and doing some planning/brainstorming with each companionship. We just sat down with them and planned for each of the baptismal dates in the zone and came up with a good game plan of what the missionaries could do to make sure these people actually get baptized! So  Wednesday, Thursday and Friday that is what we did for pretty much the whole morning/afternoon. Then we went back to our areas and did some work in our own areas. It was tough to spend so much time outside of our area but that is the life of a zone leader. It is worth it though to be able to see all the missionaries in the zone succeed. I would much rather see them have a ton of success than have it in my own area. So it was good!

Saturday we had the baptism for Lillian, and it was awesome. Lillian was soooo stoked to be getting baptized, it was cool to see her so excited. She got baptized with her friend from the ward, Tessa. Lillian has found a little safe haven with the family that she comes to church with and here in the Lynnfield ward, she just loves it. She doesn't have the best home life with her family and so being in a spirit filled environment is such a relief for her every weekend. And she is a great missionary, we had 13 non members there at the baptismal service, which was pretty awesome to see! We will have a lot of following up to do, hopefully some of them can become new investigators!

Saturday night was Valentines and of course we didn't have anything too special planned. But we ended up having to be home at 6 PM that night because the blizzard was rolling in and started around 7 that night. So we grabbed a quick dinner at 3 Amigos and headed for home. Since we got home so early we went to the gym for a little bit that night. I was super bored, so for some reason I decided to run a half marathon on the treadmill. 13.1 miles later I felt like death haha. Eating a huge mexican dinner and then running that far was not the greatest idea, but hey it wasn't too bad! I was pretty beat, and really sweaty too.

We got hammered with snow Saturday night/Sunday morning and pretty much all of the Wards in our mission had to cancel church. Us missionaries couldn't even leave the apartment for most of the day Sunday. We got over a foot of snow with the storm again, but this time we had hurricane force winds along with it. It was a legit blizzard. Then the temperatures dropped suuuuper low, it was like -25 F. last night. We went out and shoveled a little bit Sunday afternoon, but it was just sooo cold. We shoveled out all of the cars parked in the handicap stalls in our apartment complex and got back in the apartment ASAP.

Today for pday we hit up Boston, Elder Bradley only has one more pday left after this so we weren't gonna let the snow get in our way this week. Joe and Frank took us into the city and showed us around. It is still freezing outside but we survived! It was a lot of fun too! Joe knows the city pretty well so he was our tour guide for the day, it was pretty cool!

That's about it, love ya all. Pray for no more snow in Boston haha I have had enough shoveling for a lifetime! Nah just kidding we like shoveling for people, but these storms are slowing down the work a little bit! We are surviving though! Byeeee!

A tradition in our mission is to go eat dinner at this restaurant called Ninety Nine when you have 99 days left in your mission.  Well...Thursday was my 99.  Crazy to think I only have that many days left out here!
 Joe showed us the oldest bar in the country, nice place haha! It is called the Bell in Hand Tavern I think.

 Well this was the view from our apartment Sunday...it was pretty much a whiteout haha!
 So this is what the sidewalks in Boston look like...there is just waaaay too much snow!
We went to the North End and had some niiice Connolis.
 Elder Anderson in our zone had to have an emergency surgery Tuesday morning to get his appendix out!  So Joe took us down there that night to visit him in the hospital.
 I was a little sweaty Saturday night...
 Lillian's baptism!!!

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