Monday, February 9, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day!

Things are going great in Lynnfield. We are getting hit pretty hard with snow, it doesn't seem to ever stop. We are having a huge storm today, just after we cleaned up from the last big one. It started snowing last night and probably wont stop until early tomorrow morning. We are supposed to get another two feet. We were stuck in the apartment today but Joe came and picked us up and brought us to the church. Thank goodness for Joe haha we would have gone crazy sitting in the apartment for another pday. So I won't have much time to email but I will give ya a quick update on things.

We are having a baptism on Saturday for Lillian, and then another girl from the ward is going to be baptized with her. So we will be having a Valentines day baptism which should be pretty sweet! Lillian is suuuuper stoked to be baptized. She had her interview after church on Sunday and she came out and said "I passed!!!" and gave us all huge high fives. We went over to her house Sunday after church and taught the last lesson and now everything is good to go for Saturday. Her grandma who is not a member is going to be attending the baptism so it will be a great opportunity to try and spark some interest there.

We have been working with a less active woman named Candida quite a bit lately, and she is now active again after a looong, long time of not being associated with the church at all. It is a long story of how we became involved with Candida, I will try and make it short. Like 4 months ago Elder MacJanet and I had like an hour left in our night and had nothing to do so we were just stopping by unknown people in the ward directory. We stopped at this one address and knocked on the door and no one was home so we were walking back. As we were coming down the sidewalk a car pulled up and a woman got out of the car and began talking to us. Her mother lived at the address we were visiting, but her mother was not a member of the church. Candida recognized us as Elders and told us she had been baptized when she was about 20 years old, but had not been active. We spoke with her for a while and she didn't really seem to interested but gave us her phone number and told us we could come and visit sometime. It turns out that Candida had just barely been praying to God that day and asking for some direction in life, and then that night she runs into us after having no contact with the church for quite some time. Her sister who is an active member in Maine told her that was her answer from God, and that she needed to get involved with the church and have the missionaries come to her house. Candida is now active, and we have been teaching her two children who are not members. Her son John is 15 but he is atheist and wants nothing to do with God or with the church really. Her daughter Danielle is very interested and has started coming to church with her mom. Danielle even brought her friend Gina to church last week. So our investigators are doing missionary work which is pretty sweet. So on Saturday we taught Candida, Danielle and Gina the Plan of Salvation. We are hoping Danielle will be able to be baptized pretty soon.

On Wednesday we had our February MLC in Weston, MA. Then on Friday we had to take what we were trained on at MLC and train the rest of our zone at Zone Meeting. Our zone meeting went really well, we had a Valentines day themed meeting. Our zone is only Elders but we had hearts and glitter and pink balloons everywhere to try and get in the spirit of Valentines day. Our zone set monthly goals in February to double our baptisms from 4 to 8 and baptismal dates from 11 to 22, so we are saying we are gonna #doublethelove in the Cambridge North Zone in February. It should be a pretty sweet month, a lot of good things are about to happen here!

Alright gotta go before we get snowed in here at the church. Love ya guys, have a good week!

The Bro Zone at zone meeting!

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