Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Juno & Super Bowl Fun!

Ya know, this week was a little rough for missionary work but we still made the best outta it! Monday night the blizzard Juno came rolling into town and that pretty much took care of Monday night, Tuesday and Wednesday. Tuesday it was blizzard conditions for the entire day! It snowed and the wind was blowing for over 24 hours straight, it was pretty crazy. All of Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island put a driving ban on the streets for most of Tuesday. No one was allowed to be out on the streets, so needless to say we definitely weren't allowed to be out on the roads in our missionary cars. Throughout the storm we received over 30 inches of snow here in the Lynnfield area, it was craaazzy! All day Tuesday we were outside shoveling out our car and all of our neighbors cars. It was still snowing the entire day, but it was a proselyting day so we had to go out and do something worth while haha. It was a good work out at least. It was funny, as we were going around shoveling all of our neighbors cars out, everyone was offering us money left and right. We could have made at least 75 dollars, not too shabby. We politely told them to keep their money though haha and people were shocked. It is too bad that people are soo surprised that someone is helping them out free of charge. Goes to show that maybe we don't serve our neighbors often enough I guess!

Wednesday was clean up day after the storm. Our day was full of shoveling, more shoveling, and then a little more shoveling. No one wanted to learn about Jesus while they had 2 feet of snow in their driveway. But a few people let us share a message after we helped them clear all of the snow away haha. But we spent most of the day shoveling out investigators, members and the elderly. Our backs were a little bit sore afterwards.

So we pretty much had to squeeze all of our lessons for the week into Thursday-Saturday, because Sunday was the Super Bowl and the Patriots were playing. I am pretty sure us missionaries were the only people in all of New England not watching the Super Bowl on Sunday night. As we were driving home we were honestly like the only people out on the roads, it was like a ghost town. We sure did see lots of tvs playing the game as we drove by though haha. But Sunday was an awesome day, and we did get to go to a super bowl party. The Bowen family invited us and a few others from the ward over for a Super Bowl party minus the Super Bowl. We had all of the good food, chips, dips, wings etc minus the football game. So it was a missionary acceptable Super Bowl party. That was awesome and the food was suuuuper good. We left there at about 7...and the rest of the night was a little difficult. No one wanted to meet with us during the game for some reason. But at least the Patriots won, now everyone should be in a good mood this week.

Sunday we also went with Frank to get his patriarchal blessing. It was super good for him and he seemed to be really happy with it. We had promised him that he would get an answer to why he is still here on earth and what God needs him to be doing here, and it definitely answered that question. So hopefully he will have more of a purpose in life now. We had a lesson with Lilly on Sunday as well, right after church. She is doing awesome of course and she is gonna be baptized on Valentines day! With her friend from the ward who is turning 8. That will be a pretty cool Valentines day for sure. 

As ya heard we were hit with another snow storm all day Monday, so we all were stuck in our apartments for all of pday. Elder Bradley and I went to the basketball court at our complex and played basketball with some little kids who were home from school, and that was about it. This storm only brought a foot of more shoveling for us today. Exciting stuff, but we are really looking forward to getting things rolling here again and getting our momentum back. Hopefully the weather allows us to do that!

Just when "Juno" was about to get started.
Wednesday morning after most of the clean up had taken place, over 30 inches in our parking lot!
That is a lot of snow....
Our cars were a little bit buried.  It still snowed almost another foot after this picture!
I look pretty upset to be out there shoveling in the middle of the blizzard but I promise I wasn't!  A little sore....but it was till fun haha.
Walking through the blizzard to get to our gym in the morning.  It was cold...and we couldn't see a thing!
Trip to the temple with Joe!

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