Sunday, March 29, 2015

Avon Boys Make A Good Team

This week wasn't too crazy, but the work is definitely moving forward. Our zone is doing really well with the goal we set to find new investigators this month. Right now we have found 50 new investigators, so we still need to find 20 more by the end of the month. It is going to be a lot of work but it is looking pretty exciting. Of course it isn't really about the numbers, but setting goals like this helps motivate us and makes us work a little extra towards something. And with it being a goal that our zone is working on together it has been really unifying and has helped us all grow closer to one another. We are all working towards the same goal together, and we need everyone's contributions. Even if we don't reach 70 this goal has definitely blessed our zone with a lot of very positive things. But I think we will reach it, I hope so at least!

Tuesday was just a normal night, and at the end of the evening we were out making some visits with our ward mission leader. It was almost 9 and we were just heading back to his house so that we could head home. As we are going up the on ramp to the highway we drive by and see this guy just laying on the side of the road having a seizure or something. We quickly pulled over and ran over to the guy, but he was just out cold. I called 911 and then like five minutes later the police and ambulance came to help this guy. A cop was the first one to get there and the first thing he says to the guy was "Sir have you done any heroin tonight?" Of course the guy was out so he didn't respond haha but hopefully the guy ended up alright!

We started teaching another part member family this week. It is a less active family that has two sons who are not baptized and the ward has been trying to work with for years now. We dropped by and visited with them, and they invited us over for dinner on St Patty's day. We had a great time with them and were able to share a message on prayer and invited them to pray together daily as a family. It was pretty awesome, the less active father was there testifying to his children about the power of prayer and shared some amazing personal experiences with his kids. Then at the end of the lesson their son said "I want to be baptized...." Haha it is hard because the kid wants to be baptized but his family doesn't come to church ever so we are doing everything we can to strengthen the entire family and get them more involved so that the father can someday baptize his children.

Wednesday was Franks b-day so we went out to lunch with him to 3 Amigos...that place is the best. Frank is doing great, he is a lot happier now that the snow is melting and it is starting to warm up a bit. He is still doing really well and is looking forward to going to the temple this summer to be sealed to his wife!

There is a less active brother we have been working with named Richie, and he has made tons and tons of progress. He was away from the church for over 30 years, but has now been steadily coming for the past 3 months almost. We meet with him weekly and strengthen him, and he has been doing great. He has loved being back at church and has recognized a significant difference in his life. Even though things were going great, he still wasn't converted to the Gospel. He knew it was a good thing, but something just wasn't clicking. We knew that if he was going to stay active for the long haul, something needed to change or he was just going to fall away again. Long story short, we committed him to study from the Book of Mormon daily, and this has just made the world of a difference. He has been studying the Book of Mormon at the start of every day and he has progressed sooooo much more than he was. He absolutely loves the Book of Mormon now, and day by day his testimony is growing. It is amazing the change that took place almost immediately as soon as he began studying the scriptures daily. I don't know how it works, but the Book of Mormon carries a very powerful spirit, and as we study it that spirit comes pouring into our life. This book is pretty amazing!

Saturday we had exchanges with the Cambridge 3 Spanish Elders, I stayed in Lynnfield and Elder Pope came up here for the day with me. Elder Pope and I were greenies together down in Connecticut. We were serving in the same area while I was in Waterford, he was in New London Spanish. So we shared our church building and we spent a lot of time together. So we were always together at the very start of our missions, and then we have hardly seen each other since then! But he is back in my zone now so it was sweet to be able to spend a day with him and catch up on everything! It is amazing how much the mission changes an individual, Elder Pope and I are completely different people from the time we last knew each other. It was pretty cool to talk about and see the changes that have taken place.

Sunday we had a meeting bright and early in Cambridge, it was Stake Reporting. This is just where we meet with President Packard and our Stake President, President Lowe to discuss the missionary efforts throughout the Cambridge Stake. It went really well, President Lowe asked us to challenge each of our missionaries to get a member out teaching with them every single day during the month of April. So in April there will be a huge push in our zone for getting member helps! Church was great, we had a packed house again. A sister in our ward just returned from her mission in Russia and gave her welcome home talk. It was a great meeting. Also, one of our members brought their next door neighbor Steve to Sacrament meeting. Steve has been searching for a church for a loooong time, but can't find one. He usually gives a church one week, and if he doesn't like it he doesn't come back. After Sacrament meeting he said he will be coming back for the next month to our church services. So he liked it! He seems super promising so we were stoked about that.

Digital mission life is soooo good. We are teaching people all over the place. Hong Kong, Africa, Thailand, Poland, etc. It is amazing really. I even talked to a guy in Tirana Albania and he gave me his phone number so that Jed could call him to teach him about Jesus Christ. Avon boys make a good team! Haha hopefully something comes out of it at least. Anyways, life is good. Love ya all and have a great week!

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