Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Record Breaking Winter

The work keeps moving along in Lynnfield! We got a few more inches of snow last night, so this winter is officially the snowiest winter in the history of Boston. We made history! Haha for the past 2 weeks we were like two inches away from breaking the record, so it would have been pretty disappointing to get hit with this much snow all winter and not break the record. But we made it, so now I can say I was here for the record breaking winter.

Pday we went into Boston and had a pretty sweet day. Stephan took us on a personal tour around the city. He has lived here for practically his whole life, so he knows the city inside and out. It was an awesome day and we were able to see a lot of things. We had lunch in the North End, saw the Old North Church, walked through Quincy Market and Faneiul Hall, the Boston Commons and the Boston Garden, over to the Prudential Tower, and then ended in Beacon Hill. It was a solid pday for sure!

Tuesday we went on exchanges with the Revere 2 Elders. I stayed in Lynnfield and Elder Baird came and spent the day with me. Elder Baird has been on his mission for like 3 weeks now, so it was awesome to spend the day with him and get to know him. It is crazy because we are at complete opposite ends of our missions. Mine is winding down and his is just beginning, so it was cool to be able to talk to him a lot about the mission life and what to expect and those type of things. We had a solid day and of course we went and saw Frank. It is a requirement that whenever someone comes to Lynnfield on exchanges we go and see Frank, it just wouldn't be a trip to Lynnfield without that visit haha.

We started teaching a few new people this week. One is this lady named Sandra...she is like 70 years old. We found her because she ordered a Bible on We delivered it and talked to her for a while and set up an appointment to go back and teach the Restoration. We went there on Wednesday and it was quite the experience. She only had 2 extra chairs and so Elder Hyer and the member with us sat on those....and then all that was left for me was this old shower chair that was sitting their in the kitchen. I really didn't want to stand the whole lesson.....but I REEEALLY didn't want to sit on this ladies old shower chair, but I did anyways. I threw the pants away later that night...haha jk but I probably should have. And then both of her hearing aids were out of batteries that day and so we practically had to yell the entire lesson, and I am pretty sure she has some mild form of dementia. Haha she loved the lesson and everything that we said, but she is quite the character. We thought we might just try and set her and Frank up, so we brought Frank to the lesson later in the week....and it wasn't a good match haha. We tried! Then the other guy is a man named Rich, his fiancee is an inactive member of the ward. He has 4 little kids and we just talked about the family and raising kids and how the Gospel can help him with all of that and he agreed to let us teach the family.

Our zone is still doing work right now with this goal we are working on. We set a goal to find 70 new investigators in March and right now we are sitting at 41 new investigators! It is super crazy because the entire month of February we only found 15 new investigators, Heavenly Father is just working some miracles all over the zone. It has been pretty exciting to see all of these people show up out of no where, but we gotta keep working hard the rest of the month to achieve this goal.

Saturday night was the ward lasagna bake off, apparently it is a pretty big tradition in the Lynnfield ward. Unfortunately the tradition includes that the missionaries are always the judges and pick the winner of the bake off. So we had to taste test every single lasagna that the members brought and select a winner. There were like 15 lasagnas so by the end of tasting them all I had eaten enough lasagna for the next few months. We selected a winner, and many hearts were broken. The members take this competition pretty seriously, so it was pretty fun. Saturday was Joes b-day so after the lasagna we met up with him and his friends at this restaurant and we just hung out with them for an hour and wished Joe a happy b-day.

The work in the digital mission is going great, I am really enjoying it. We have 4 Skype lessons this week with new people from all over the world, and we should have a few more that aren't scheduled yet. Life is good, the work is great. Talk to you later!!!

Acorn Street by Beacon Hill. Evverrryone takes pics here.
 What's up from the Apple store in Cambridge!
 And another canoli of course!
 Lasagna bake off with the ward!
 With the chamion Bro Ailshie
 With our boy Paul Revere with the Old North church in the background.
Regina's Pizza in the North End.
 Pizza in the North End!
 In the Commons with the State House in the background.
 The Trinity Church!

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