Monday, March 2, 2015

The "Digital Mission"

Wow what a week! For Pday last week we met up with Elder MacJanet and Farr and spent the day in Boston. Elder Bradley had a few more things he wanted to check out before he went back to Utah. We went to the top of the Prudential Tower, they have an overlook where you can see all of Boston from the top. We had lunch there at the fancy restaurant on the very top floor, it is called the Top of the Hub. Monday and Tuesday we were making the rounds and letting Elder Bradley say his goodbyes to everyone before he headed back home. Tuesday night we had an amazing dinner with Stephan and Joe. Stephan is a recent convert, he was baptized in the Revere Ward this past summer. He is an amazing guy and he had us over and made us a delicious steak dinner. It was the perfect last night for Elder Bradley's mission. At least I thought so!

Wednesday was transfer meeting where all of the departing missionaries share their final testimony. It was a great meeting, there was almost 30 missionaries going home so they had to keep their testimonies pretty short, but they were all super good! It is like one of the best church meetings ever. So after the meeting I said my goodbyes to Elder Bradley and met up with my new companion Elder Hyer and we headed for home! Elder Hyer is an amazing missionary, I have a lot to learn from him. He has been on his mission for 8 months and was up in New Hampshire before he came down to be in Lynnfield with me. He is from California, so this weather is a little bit different! I am excited to serve with him though!

The rest of the week was pretty dang busy, we have been trying to get around and introduce Elder Hyer to everyone. We met with a ton of less actives this week, and we have been continuing to see many of them return to activity. We had 5 Less actives at church on Sunday and some of them have been away from the church for like 20 years. One guy is named Gary, we have been meeting with him for the past few months occasionally, but on Saturday we had an awesome lesson with him. Gary loves to serve and help people out, so we had a lesson on service and the impact that our actions can have on others. Gary has a God-Daughter who lives with him on the weekends, and so we talked about the impact he could have on her life as he returns to the church and helps her learn of the Gospel herself. He committed to coming to church, and then right after we left he went out and bought a new shirt, tie and suit and showed up to church Sunday morning. It was so awesome to have him there, he hadn't been to church in sooooo long, like since he was a teenager and he is in his 50's now. Then later his God-Daughter told him she wanted to start coming to church with that was pretty exciting!

We met with Danielle again this week and she is getting super excited for her baptism coming up. We have a few more lessons to teach her, but she is doing great. She is going to be at New Beginnings for the Young Women this week and her dad who has had zero exposure to the church is bringing her to that and staying with her, so we are hoping this can make a big impact on him and get him interested in the Gospel.

Our mission is doing something really cool where we are sharing the gospel through what we call the "Digital Mission". Our mission has created a portal which we use to find people online who want to talk, and then we try and share the gospel with them. We basically go to online chat rooms and pen pal sites, and strike up conversations with people and then invite them to Skype us and learn more about us as missionaries and the church in general. This is something really new and exciting, and the church leaders are watching it really closely. Right now we have like 150 investigators all over the world and within the past two months we have seen 4 people baptized through the online mission. This was with just a few missionaries proselyting online throughout our mission. Well starting right now all Zone Leaders are going to begin working in the Digital Mission for a few hours during the morning and early afternoon. I am super stoked to be doing this and to be able to have this unique opportunity. So we will be using our Facebook for this a little bit, but it won't be like other missionaries who can view their friends pages and talk with people back home through Facebook. We will only be using it to communicate with the people we meet and who become investigators. So yeah that is pretty exciting! Love ya all and have a great week!

Welcome to Boston! After 21 months of being here haha!
View of Boston from the Top of the Hub!  It is a restaurant at the top of the Prudential Tower in downtown.

Our meal! It was pretty pricey haha but it was worth the view!
 I got some New England Clam Chowdah!
Goodbye Elder Bradley! Love this kid, he is home in Bountiful now!

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