Monday, April 27, 2015

A Solid Week in the Mission Field

This week was solid all the way around. I am just trying to stay focused and work hard to the end, thankfully that hasn't been too hard because there is just so much work to do. Matt is still progressing a ton, and we had three different lessons with him this week. We have taught him pretty much everything, and he is really accepting of it all. This week we taught most of the commandments including the Word of Wisdom and the Law of Chastity, and he agreed to live all of the commandments. When we were teaching the Word of Wisdom he was grilling us left and right with questions about why we can't drink coffee and tea and we took like ten minutes explaining it in detail because it seemed like it was going to be a struggle. Then after we explained it all he just said "Oh makes sense, its okay I don't drink coffee or tea anyways I was just wondering." Haha he is always asking us tons of questions, but they are always really good questions. This week he came to church in a white shirt and some slacks that I gave him instead of his jeans and t shirt, so he is even starting to look like a Mormon now haha. His baptism is scheduled for May 9th right now.

Monday night we went out on some visits with Hiller, a member of our ward from Uganda. He is a pretty sweet guy. Anyways we went and visited a young couple with a 4 year old son, and they are from Haiti. The mother of the family had went online and ordered a Bible for their son because they want to start getting him into studying the word of God. When we delivered it we mentioned that we have illustrated versions of the scriptures for children and offered to bring some of those later in the week. So on Monday we went and dropped of those and had a great visit with this family. They currently attend a Haitian church in Lynn, but they were super welcoming and open to hearing our message. We shared our purpose as missionaries and explained what we do, and invited them to allow us to teach their family about the Restored Gospel. They accepted the invitation and the father said "You guys are bringing the teaching of Christ into our home, the door is always open to you." We were pretty stoked about that, they have a lot of potential.

We went on exchanges with the Portuguese Elders this week and had a great time and saw some amazing things happen. I stayed in Lynnfield and Elder Araujo came and spent the day with me....I love this kid so much haha he is hilarious. We have a lot of fun together. But we had a super good day in Lynnfield,we even picked up a new investigator for the Portuguese Elders. One of our appointments cancelled and I was trying to think of what we should do, and I remembered this little old woman named Noemi that we had visited a few times when Elder MacJanet was in the area. Noemi is from Portugal and doesn't speak English very well, and so when Elder MacJanet left we kinda had to stop visiting her. The Portuguese Elders didn't have a car at that time and so there was no way for them to get up here to Salem to see Noemi. But now the Portuguese Elders have a car! So I had Elder Araujo call her and ask if we could come visit, and she said sure come on over! So we went and taught her a lesson and then Elder Araujo invited her to take the missionary lessons again she said of course! So that was pretty cool to see Noemi back in the picture.

Something crazy happened on this exchange as well. When we were on the phone with Noemi, we pulled off to the side of the road. We didn't have Noemis address, and so we were sitting there waiting for her to text us her address. All of a sudden I looked over out the passenger window, and I saw the back of this ladies head. We had no idea where she came from, or what she was doing. So Elder Araujo locked the door haha and then that got her attention. She realized we were in the car, and then she just looked at us and said "Shhhhh." Then she said "Don't open the door!" Haha we didn't know what in the world was going on, it seemed like she was hiding from someone. Then all of a sudden she stands up.....and her pants were down. She took a few steps forward, pulled up her pants, and then walked off. Sooo yeah.....she was squatting down next to our car peeing. Haha we couldn't believe it, it was in the middle of the day and in broad daylight. People are crazy I tell ya!

We had some good things happen in the Digital Mission work as well. We still get to Skype with our friend ManHin at least twice a week, and he is now meeting with the local missionaries in Hong Kong which is pretty awesome to see. This week we also met a guy online from Cleveland, I asked him if he was a Lebron James fan and he claimed to be Lebron's cousin through adoption....I'm not sure if I believe it or not haha. Anyways, we talked to him about the Plan of Salvation and invited him to meet with the local missionaries and he said sure! So we contacted the missionaries in his area and referred them to this guy. Hopefully things work out there.

We had a regional conference this Sunday, for all of the Stakes in the North East United States. It was awesome! We had Elder Hales and Elder Anderson of the 12 speak to us and then Elder Kacher and Sister Reeves also. It was broadcast from SLC but it was still pretty cool! Sister Reeves talk was the powerhouse one for sure. She talked about repentance and the forgiveness process. She said something really cool about how we should react when others are going through the repentance process, I wish I had the quote exactly. She basically said that sometimes we are judging and criticizing those who have confessed of their sins and are repenting, which is the exact opposite of what we should do. We should be happy that they are trying to make those changes in their lives and we should support and encourage them. The repentance process is a joyous thing, for the person repenting and for those around them. We shouldn't think differently of others as they are going through this process, we should be cheering them on.

Soooo yeah, life is good. I love this work and love being able to serve all of the individuals in this area. It is pretty awesome. Less than a month left, but lots of work to do! Oh and for some reason I decided to cut my own hair this week. I had been going to Raul and having him hook me up with a nice cut, but one night I decided to just buzz it all off. It seemed like a good idea at the time....hopefully it grows back by the time I come home haha. Love ya all, have a good week!

Exchanges with the Portuguese was an awesome day!  I was actually happy in this picture, I promise.  But I wasn't quite ready to take the picture! haha!
One picture from last week I forgot to send....Elder Hyer and me at the Red Sox game during the rain delay!

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