Monday, April 13, 2015

Happy 21!

Wow, time is going waaaay too fast out here. This Friday is transfer texts so I will find out if I will be dying here in Lynnfield or go to a new area for my last six weeks. We will see! This week was awesome though, especially for our zone. We have made huge progress in our finding goal. This month we have found 64 new investigators, we need to find 6 more in the next two days! We can do it for sure, well the Lord can do it at least idk about us haha. We all fasted together as a zone on Sunday in gratitude for the investigators that Heavenly has already led us to this month, and petitioning His help in finding the rest this month that we need to in order to reach our goal. As I said, it isn't all about the numbers. With each number there is a name, and a unique individual behind it. The number 70 represents 70 of Heavenly Father's children that we hope to minister to and teach about the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ! Anyways, the zone has been working super duper hard and it has been a truly amazing month for us.

On Tuesday we went on exchanges with the Chinese Elders! Aha I love these guys. It is Elder Chang from Taiwan and Elder Anderson from Cali. I stayed in Lynnfield with Elder Chang. It was awesome because we actually had a Skype lesson with our friend over in Hong Kong and so Elder Chang was able to teach the lesson in Mandarin and it seemed to go a lot smoother. It was awesome to have him there that day! We had a great day together, Chang is absolutely hilarious. We also had some splits with the Assistants this week. Elder Stones came and spent the day with us on Thursday. We had a solid day together and we were able to visit quite a few people. Then on Saturday we had another exchange with the Cambridge Portuguese Elders. I spent the day in the Portuguese program with Elder Araujo. We had a nice today together. I wasn't much help during any of the lessons, but it was still a great day. If there is one thing I learned, it is that Brazilans know how to make the BEST food ever. Seriously, we ate like kings on Saturday.

We started teaching this awesome lady named Susan this week. Get this....she is 90 years old. Yes, 90!!!! She is the best haha. Her niece is a member of the church in Michigan and she invited Susan to have us over and talk with us and she accepted. So we visited with Susan 3 times this week haha. When we taught her the Restoration she was just loving it and agreeing with it totally. After the lesson she told us that everyone should be a Mormon and that then the world would be a lot better place. She is already reading the Book of Mormon and committed to read it every single day before we even invited her to. She is hilarious, btw she is the saint who gave me the vacuum. Susan is going to be moving in about a month, to Michigan to be close to her family. She is going to start going to church with them once she moves in, and so she wanted to learn more about it before the move. She is amazing, and has lots of good stories :)

Sunday was my bday! It was just another day at the office haha. We just worked like any other day, but some nice people here took care of me and gave me some cupcakes and ice cream and birthday cake. Joe hooked me up big time with a nice cake and present Sunday night. He gave me a nice new tie and a bow tie. I am always complimenting him on his bow ties, and so he hooked me up with one of my own now! I gotta learn how to tie them now though. And tonight we are having dinner in Boston with Joe and with Elder MacJanet, one of my old companions! It should be a party. Love ya all, have a greeeeat week! Happy Easter!

Birthday celebration with Joe...he is the best haha

 Birthday cupcakes at our dinner Sunday night.

 Castle Rock in Marblehead.

 At the end of a long dwarf thing in Salem.  It was freeeezing.
 Outside the House of Seven Gables for all you Nathaniel Hawthorne fans out there.
 Prayers are answered.  One of our investigators gave us a niiiiice new vacuum.  We have been using a tiny, handheld vacuum for our apartment.  It doesn't work at all.  This was probably like the highlight of the week. haha!
 Selfies for dayzzz.

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