Monday, April 13, 2015

Obedience and Consecration

So I don't have a lot of time this week but I will try and tell ya everything that has been going on lately. And next pday is Patriots day, which is the Boston Marathon day so we will be heading into Boston then so things might be a little crazy over the next few weeks.

We had our zone meeting this Friday and it went super well. It was all focused on obedience and consecration. Typically these meetings are where we can train our missionaries on how to be better at finding/teaching/baptizing and try and help develop skills in those areas. But President Packard feels really strongly that our mission needs to be much more obedient than we already are. It isn't like there is a lot of big problems in the mission, but it is just the little things. The first part of the meeting we talked about obedience and why we need to be obedient, and then we just went through some of the rules that are the most common ones missionaries struggle with. Then the second part of the meeting was super special. We talked about consecration and how we can continue to give up things that are holding us back as missionaries. We each took like 15 minutes to ponder and pray about what it is we need to sacrifice this transfer. Then we went around the circle and each shared what we were going to do to become more consecrated. I was impressed with the sacrifices some of the members of our zone made, they were huge. The spirit was super strong when we were all sharing our sacrifices. Mine wasn't anything too crazy, but I committed to the zone that for the last part of my mission I won't talk or mention or say anything about my post mission plans. It seems like that is what everyone wants to talk to me about now that I am so close to going home, and it is exciting but sometimes it gets a little distracting from the work. And I really just want to enjoy every minute of this final month of my mission. This is just too much fun, and too special to be looking ahead to the future. So sorry if you email me and ask about post mission plans... I will let ya know in a month or so!

We had some amazing things happen this week. On Wednesday we were sitting in the church having a lesson on Skype with a girl in Russia and then right in the middle of our lesson someone starts knocking/pounding on the front door of the church. We finished the lesson super quick and then went out to see what was going on. It was this 20 year old kid named Matt, who lives a few houses down from the church. He went on to tell us how last week he had a dream that he died and went to heaven, but when he got there God wouldn't allow him to enter into heaven because he was unworthy. So after that dream Matt started going around to all the churches in Lynnfield to see if someone could help him figure out what he needs to do to be forgiven and be worthy to return to live with God. Fortunately for us all of the other churches were shut down during the weekdays and he couldn't get in contact with anyone from any of the churches. Thankfully we were there at the church when he came to ours. We had two lessons with Matt this week and he is super accepting and willing to do whatever he needs to in order to find forgiveness of his sins. He came to church this Sunday for the first time, stayed all 3 hours and had a pretty good experience there! He is an awesome guy, I am super stoked to keep teaching him. We set May 9th as a baptismal date for him to work towards, so keep him in your prayers!

The digital mission has been an amazing experience all the way around. It has been amazing to visit and teach people all around the world. We have met tons of amazing people and have found many who are ready to hear the gospel. I sent a picture of one of our Skype lessons with our friend M.H. from Hong Kong. We have been teaching him about our faith for the past two months and he has begun meeting with the local missionaries in Hong Kong. This past Sunday he attended church for the first time as well. We Skyped with him on Saturday and had a sister from the ward join us who served her mission in Hong Kong and still speaks Cantonese. It was an amazing Skype and it just amazes me the things we can do with technology. We are super blessed to be able to be starting this new and exciting version of the Digital Mission here in the MBM, we are the only mission in the world doing it. Missionaries throughout the world are just blown away when we call them and tell them we have been teaching someone in their area through Skype and they are ready to meet with them and prepare for baptism. To me, the Digital Mission is how the gospel is going to spread forth to all nations, kindred and tongues. It is incredible to be a part of it! Love ya all, have a great week!

Teaching some people on Skype with Elder Chang!

 Zone lunch after the meeting...Chinese buffets :/

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