Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Patriot's Day

Today was a pretty big day here in Boston, they go all out for Patriots Day. We had a lot of fun joining in on the celebrations today but it was a little bit wet and cold outside. Still had a lot of fun though. We got up suuuuper early, like 3 AM early,  to go out to Lexington to watch a reenactment of the first battle where the American Revolution began. We met up with our zone, 3 other zones of missionaries and the Packards. Then a member that lives nearby the Lexington Green had us all over for breakfast. Then a few of us headed into Boston and went to the Red Sox game. It was a fun game, it was raining throughout most of it but luckily our seats had an overhang above us so we were covered. The Red Sox won so that was a plus. Then we headed over to watch some of the Boston Marathon. It has been a long day, but it was fun!

 The people we are teaching are doing really well right now. Our favorite investigator Susan moved away this week, that was tough to see her go. She is continuing to progress and keep her commitments, and is pretty close to baptism. The missionaries in Michigan were ready for her and were hopefully going to pick up right where we left off. From what it sounds like, Susan should hopefully be baptized here in the next month or so. We went and said our goodbyes on Friday, and we were able to meet her niece who was the one that called us and asked us to go visit Susan initially. She is really happy to see Susan accepting the gospel and making such great progress. This has been 70 years in the making, which is crazy to think about. When Susan was a senior in high school the Elders would come by and teach her family occasionally, but none of them were ever baptized. I guess it just wasn't the right time for Susan, but now at the age of 90 she is ready haha. She told us she wished her family would have put more pressure on her to look into the church when she was a bit younger than 90, but it is all working out just fine. We have Susans number and address so we will definitely be keeping in touch with her and are excited to hear about how her baptism goes out in Michigan.

Matt is just impressing us every day. We pretty much met with Matt every day this past week, he has just been super into learning about the church and has tons and tons of questions, so it has been great. We had two lessons with him this week, but then he also came to dinner at a members home with us, and then he came out to breakfast with us and a member on another day. The members have just soaked Matt right up and have been super supportive of him and his desire to investigate the church. He came to church again this week and it was great again, he is progressing well towards his baptism on May 9th. We had a meeting after church on Sunday so we couldn't talk to him long after church, but then when we came out an hour later he was still there at the church and had just been talking to some members and asking them some questions about the Gospel. He is golden. And man is he a funny kid. We love hanging out with him but teaching him the Gospel has just been so much fun. He has some intense questions, he is definitely searching for truth in his life. The Gospel seems to be clicking for him right now, but keep him in your prayers for sure!

We have been meeting with a less active guy named Anthony for like 4 or 5 months now, and he has made tons of progress. He has been active for the past few months and has been working towards returning to the temple. The last step was the Law of Tithing, and he has been doing great with that. So this past Sunday he had his interview with the Bishop and the Stake President, and he got his temple recommend again! We are now planning a trip to the temple so that he can go and do the work for his father who passed away a few years ago. We are really looking forward to that.

Skype lessons are going great still, we had a nice lesson after church on Sunday. We met this girl from Brazil and were teaching her about the Book of Mormon. She had read some pretty crazy anti things online and so we were able to use the Book of Mormon and Bible together to help her see that the Book of Mormon is really just another Testament of Jesus Christ. It amazes me what misconceptions people have about the Gospel, even though I have been hearing them all for the past two years. There always seems to be new ones that come out of nowhere. Oh well, the lesson went well and we seemed to help resolve her concerns a lot.

Everything is great, I am loving the mission life. Have a great week!

Battle at Lexington Reenactment

Had to say goodbye to this guy, Elder Calvert! My MTC comp goes home on Wednesday.  Craaazy how fast it has gone by.
Watching the marathon.
At the marathon again.
Red Sox game!!
Last pday at Opening Day for the Red Sox game.  We couldn't go to the game because it started too late but it was fun to go and hang around the stadium.

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