Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mothers Day to all you Mothers out there! It was great to talk to the fam last night, you guys are pretty trunky but that is okay.... I still love ya. We had a great week, as always! We actually didn't spend as much time as normal here in Lynnfield, we had quite a few meetings and things down in the Boston area that took us out of the Lynnfield area.

Last pday we went down into Boston and were planning on doing the Freedom Trail. We met up with a bunch of other missionaries and that kind of derailed the plans. It is always hard to do things with a big group. So yeah we made it like halfway through the Freedom Trail, but it was still really fun. It was a beautiful day and it was good to be down in the city of Boston.

Tuesday we had some more exchanges, this time with the Cambridge 3 Elders. I stayed in Lynnfield with Elder Pope. We actually will be finishing our missions together and flying home together next week. We started our missions together in the same District down in New London CT, and now we are ending our missions together in the Cambridge North Zone. Elder Pope is an awesome guy and he has taught me so much. We had a solid day together. We had a lesson with Matt and he is progressing really well. We went over the baptismal interview questions and he is solid, like super solid. He is ready to be baptized, but his mom just wants him to wait a little bit to show he is truly committed to this. Hopefully by the end of June he will be ready....maybe when I come back to visit in June I will see his baptism :) Then we had a nice dinner at Joe's house that night..Joe is the man as always.

Wednesday we had MLC all dayyy long pretty much. It was my last MLC meeting, which is sad to think about. These meetings have been like one of the highlights of my mission. I have been serving as a Zone Leader for over a year now, so I have been to plenty of these MLC meetings, and they are always just soooo good. It is just where all of the zone leaders and sister training leaders meet together with President and Sister Packard and discuss the state of the mission and council together on what we need to do to improve. It is always a super spiritual meeting, you just feel drained at the end. They always have the departing missionaries share their final testimony at their last MLC meeting, so this was my turn. It was weird... I always would hear the other missionaries sharing their final testimony, now it is me doing it. You just never really think your mission will end....and then it does haha. Wednesday night we had dinner at the Troxels, a member family. They made us some Cafe Rio style burrito/salad and man it was good. The closest Cafe Rio is in Maryland...so yeah it will be nice to have some Cafe Rio back home.

Thursday we spent a large portion of the day planning our zone meeting, which we had on Friday at the mission home. Zone meeting this month was focused solely on how us as missionaries can become a "fabric of the ward" in which we serve. Our main goal is for us and the members/leaders to be ministering to the same people together. In the past it has been the members work with their LA's and families who are struggling, and then the missionaries work with their investigators. We want us all to be ministering together to everyone. So the zone meeting was all about how we could better build our relationships with ward leaders and how to work more effectively with them. It went pretty well! We had zone meeting at the mission home because we also had interviews with President Packard that day. I will be having my exit interview next week, so I didn't have much of an interview this week. Friday was a great day though, it was nice to spend some quality time with the Packards! They are pretty great.

The weekend was super busy but super good as well. Saturday we went out to eat with Brother Spring for breakfast, the Bouchards for lunch and Joe and Frank for dinner...so we are probably getting pretty fat now. Everyone is feeding us one last time before I leave so that could be a problem. It was super nice though. We also had a primary activity on Saturday that the ward asked us to help out with. We organized a "Day in the Life of a Missionary Relay" for the kids to do. It was super crazy and the kids were out of control, but they loved the relay that we did. A few of my white shirts got ruined in the process because we had them dress up in missionary clothes while they did the relay, but that's okay I won't need the shirts for much longer haha. Then Sunday was just a super good day all the way around. It was a great week. Love ya all....have a great week!!!!

Just walking around the city of Boston! Not really sure what this is...but we thought it was cool haha!
The round of goodbyes has started in Lynnfield...this is me with Candida and her daughter Danielle.  Candida was baptized 20 or so years ago in this ward, but then moved away and lost contact with the church.  Through a few small miracles we were able to meet Candida one night about 6 months ago, and she is now fully active in the ward again.  Danielle is her 12 year old daughter and we taught her quite a bit of the Gospel.  Danielle was preparing for baptism, but that has slowed down a little bit.  They are both at church together every week and they are just an awesome family!  Candida started crying right after this picture, we have gotten pretty close with her and her family!
 We had to take a break on the Freedom Trail and wait for the Sisters to catch up.
Dinner at Harringtons with Joe and Frank.  Had to say goodbye to Frank because he will be down in Providence from now until I leave.

 Me and my boy Luis Rodriguez!!! This guy is one of a kind.  Luis was baptized quite awhile ago, like around 20 years ago as well. He was never fully converted to the Gospel.  Then about 2 years ago his son started preparing to serve a mission.  This gave Luis the motivation to make the changes necessary in his life.  His son is serving a mission now and Luis is completely active in the Gospel.  He just received his own Endowment last summer.  Luis is a reeeaaally good cook.  For Mother's Day he had us over for his famous chicken quesadilla's one last time before I leave.
 Waiting for the T last pday!  (The T is the Subway for all you non-Bostonian speakers)
 Zone Meeting at the mission home!  We bought this apron and decorated/signed it for Sister Packard for Mother's Day.  Well the Sisters mostly did all of the work and we signed it.  It was nice though!

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