Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Welcome Home Elder Pulsipher!

The last goodbyes that took place in Lynnfield!  This is Albert, he was one of our neighbors in Lynnfield.  We would see him at the gym every single morning pretty much, so we were pretty tight.
Peace Brother Towah!
Another legendary restaurant...the chuck wagon diner!  We would go there every week for breakfast with Brother Spring.

Me and Elder Araujo.
Elder Hyer.
Elder MacJanet!
Saying goodbye to Frankie!
Mackey Slade and me.
ManHin! Our friend from Hong Kong!
Us with Matt! This is the kid we had been teaching for the last month and a half of my mission.  He is working towards being baptized here in the next month or so!
Leaving the Packards and the mission home.
Lunch at the top of the Prudential for my last pday!

The legendary Three Amigos Restaurant with their famous Tres Leches!!!!!

The family ready and waiting for Elder Pulsipher at the Salt Lake City airport!!

Here he comes!!! We see him!
First hug to mom!
Bryson and Bimbie meet again.

Aunt Debbie!
Family is everything!
The kids were all really excited to see him...some of them for the first time ever!
Grandparents....Grandpa Russ, Grandma Ruth and Grandma Janet!

The whole gang...soooo excited to see Elder Pulsipher!
Mission buddies!
Meeting Tate for the first time.
And meeting the twins for the first time!
Rylee giving her missionary a hug!
Homecoming report went really well. It was fun to visit with everyone and reconnect. Well done Elder Pulsipher and welcome home!!!

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